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Solutionary Species Vision

A solutionary is any individual who recognizes inhumanity, injustice, unsustainability, or exploitative behaviors within any system and who then generates ideas or acts upon developing practical and effective solutions. Every individual has the opportunity to be a solutionary. Let’s make this world a better place – together!

A solutionary is one who actively seeks solutions. Solutionary Species is an organization that respects and appreciates all species on Earth through teaching people of all ages about making daily solutionary choices. Our education programs include environmental ethics, animal protection and speciesism, human rights and conflict resolution, true leadership, culture and changemaking, and most importantly, solutionary problem solving. Through creating compassionate communities, we humans will become a solutionary species.

In traditional school environments, it is expected to learn about math, writing and reading, science, and history. Students might learn about art, music, and physical education. Some schools educate about business or a future career. But where do people learn about making connections with other people, animals, and the environment? Where do people learn about compassion and empathy? How do we cope with emotions? Humane education is a form of non-conventional education geared toward changing the paradigms of learning through cultivating compassion for all living beings. Without the restrictions of a classroom, humane education is appropriate for all ages.


Humane education embraces the key elements of living a full and meaningful life through making deep and conscientious connections with those we share the world with. A humane educator is a body of knowledge, or a facilitator for humane learning. Solutionary Species looks forward to the day when humane education will be a mindset integrated within every educational and social environment.



Solutionary Species is designed to welcome diverse perspectives. We’d like to imagine a community of people connected by the passion of experiencing compassion for all – for other people, for other animals, and for the environment. With the advancement of humane education and awareness, we hope to be witness to a new generation of thoughtful and committed solutionaries. Solutionary Species can achieve this by:


• inspiring community members to participate in solutions through our compassion points reward program

• offering free educational presentations and workshops for all age groups

• offering up-to-date informative resources on topics relevant to humane education

• providing updates on solutionary events and social community projects

• helping users to facilitate conversation amongst communities and unite with people of varying perspectives through our online chat and discussion board

• encouraging visitors/members to embrace positivity to maintain motivation for solutionary activism

• exhibiting real examples of solutionary successes made possible by Solutionary Species followers

• teaching the importance of humane education for addressing local community challenges, as well as global concerns in regards to animal protection, human rights, and environmental ethics




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